Who is to blame for the Sony Picture hacking?

sony-logoDecember 2014 started with a massive hacking attack on Sony Pictures located in California. Hackers not only stole unreleased movies, they also stole personal e-mails of employees that are very embarrassing. The Federal investigators pointed the finger at the North Korean government. One reason was the impending Christmas Day release of Sony Pictures comedy, The Interview, a plot to kill the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Un. Due to security and other reasons, the government is not releasing much supporting data for the claim yet adamant that it is a work of hackers who work for the North Korean government.

However, another picture is rapidly developing on the internet that claims the massive hack is a work of a disgruntled employee of the company. Some argue that government decision is based on malware, more specifically Shamoon (discovered in August 2012) and DarkSeoul (discovered in June 2013), found in Sony Pictures attack being similar to previous attacks by North Korea. Critics argue that it is not a strong indication and anyone can use that malware which is available on the Internet. Additionally, the government linked several Internet protocol addresses that North Korea has used in the past. Critics say this is also a much weaker argument and IP addresses lead to others rather than North Korea.

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