Two reasons why you need to upgrade your laptop

91447172Computer technology is advancing so rapidly many are updating their hardware more often than used to be. On average, customers change their laptops every three years or so. Changing your laptop to a newer product brings many benefits and allows access to most recent technology developments including so called 2-in-1.

One of the big advantages is screen resolution. For years the norm for resolution was 1366 X 768 pixels. Picture quality was somewhat blurred with this kind of resolution. This is why many laptops today come with 1920 X 1080 pixels of resolution or higher. What a difference? This makes watching movies on your laptop more pleasurable and gives you the highest quality available. Even though the resolution has widely increased, you will be paying the same amount of money for a newer laptop. What a bargain for the customer?

Another big advantage of going for a newer hardware is touch screen capability. It used to cost a lot in the past for this technology and software available at the time did not support it. The upcoming Windows 10 will work well with the technology. There are many apps now available for touch screens. Even with the addition of touch screens manufacturers are keeping the power consumption lower for many products.

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