Tweet, Twee, Tw, T…

Twitter-holics are suffering endlessly as Twitter went MIA on Monday. For once, this is not a story of hackers and DOS attacks and such. Instead, this is about a botched upgrade job.
The upgrade was in itself a move to address problems the service was experiencing for several days. The website and its platform crashed several times in a one week period which led the company to do some serious hunting. They eventually blamed the errors on the planning, configuring and monitoring of their internal network. It was based on this finding that an initiative was taken to sharpen the monitoring process and to improve the load balancing by doubling the internal network’s capacity.
Unfortunately, by Monday, “Fail Whale” and its new companion “Something is technically wrong” made repeated appearances to users. In addition to this, Tweets went missing or got duplicated and the web page also malfunctioned at sporadic intervals. This is perhaps the worst development that Twitter has suffered in terms of outages.
Although the service was plagued by similar sort of outages early in its life, Twitter has come a long way in those four years. The outages then didn’t matter as much as they do now. The reliance that users have on it, especially the companies that use it, are very high. Companies are known to use it for customer communications among other things and in this regard, it is a serious disruption of services.
The company stated that their engineers are working flat out to solve the issue, but so far nothing solid has emerged to alleviate the problem.