Top Tips to Speed up Your Slow-Running PC

Summary: Slow computer? Try out these tips and you could potentially see drastic speed increases.                                                  

If you’re experiencing excruciatingly long loading times on your computer, the best way to go about this is to uninstall a slew of programs, right? Actually, this might not end up the way you were initially hoping for. Simply freeing up space on your computer isn’t going to cause a drastic overhaul on your performance. Rather, all it does is free up some space for you to put data in.

Rid Yourself of Bloatware

Instead, try to uninstall all the bloatware first that computer companies love to bombard your brand new PC with by going into the list of installed apps. Now, while they might sound somewhat appealing, especially if you’re into all the latest and greatest in technology, a lot of these apps are just hogging space and running in the background while you try and stream a movie or shop online. This can directly affect the overall performance of your PC so be mindful of this.

Disk Cleanup

One of the oldest programs available on the Windows platform is Disk Cleanup. Now what this does is remove data from your computer that’s non-essential to the functionality of your PC. This can simply be activated by searching for it in your programs list and clicking on it. After, go ahead and let it scan your computer and accept what you want deleted – although most of the files you’ll find are temporary and have proven to be of no use.

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