Things To Look for a Colocation Data Center

rackalley3Written by Rack Alley

The average data center contract is three to five years. Wholesale contracts can range from five to as long as fifteen years. The longer the contract, the better the hosting rates. The reason for such long periods other than cost is that of stability. There is a lot of downtime, hassle, and cost when it comes to switching data centers. This is why choosing a colocation partner is so important. Here are a few things to look out for when selecting an LA data center:

Power density

Look for a data center provider that can provide power densities that match your requirement. Some companies require as much as 10kW per cabinet. In addition, do a projection of your power requirement for the next five and ten years and see if the provider will still fit.


Include the service level agreement requirements for the core services in the search criteria for the vendor. Often the SLA is checked only after the vendor has been chosen. Most contracts are written to benefit the provider so ensure that your key SLA requirements are met.

Physical security

One of the most important aspects of colocation is the security that comes with it. Inquire about the levels of security. Look at the levels of internal and external areas covered by security cameras.


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