Speed: The Most Important Feature to Look for in Web Hosting

Written by Rack Alley

It is a given that it is important that a web page loads fast. If visitors and potential customers have to deal with long page loads, the impaired user experience will affect sales. Now, with Google using page load speeds as a ranking signal, it could even affect search engine rankings. Here are some of the factors that will affect the speed at which a page is served to a visitor:


Most hosting companies do not provide the specifications of the hardware used for shared hosting plans. Los Angeles web hosting speeds will be determined more by the number of accounts sharing the server than the server itself. However, web hosts have systems in place to throttle any accounts that use more than their share of server resources.


CDN stands for content delivery network. Some hosts will have a partnership with a CDN, which can give dramatic speed improvements to the site. This is because the CDN will serve images and other assets from the closest server to the end user.


The application that is serving the pages will also affect the speed of the site. A complex shopping cart script will require the resources of dedicated server or Los Angeles colocation to run. Any such script on a shared host will probably lead to long load times.


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