Look at these security features of Windows 10

Article written by Computer Science Resources

Microsoft is making enhancements to Windows 10 to provide additional security features for businesses as well as personal users of the operating system. The enterprise version of Windows 10 is expected to arrive a day later than the consumer release. Some security features will be available at the time of launch on July 29, 2015 and additional installments of other features will come in the falloff this year.

Some of the security features that consumers will get with Windows 10 include a trial subscription to an anti-virus package known as Windows Defender. Unfortunately, trial period will be limited to three days at this time. Windows 10 Edge browser itself will come with certain security features to make sure surfing the Web bit safer. These safeguards are contained in toolbars, Browser Helper Objects, VBScripts, and the app container sandbox. In addition, there are certain security features that will be carried over from the previous Windows 8. They include booting malware before loading any other software features and letting know the user that the system booted securely. These are more important to Windows 7 and earlier versions users who did not upgraded to Windows 8 before.