LG Targets Increase in Shipments of 3D Laptops by 30%

LG Electronics from South Korea announced earlier this week that it is targeting an increase in shipments of 3D notebook PCs by 30% next year. This projection has been finalized because of an increase in sales of 3D gadgets and products led by 3DTV/s. LG Electronics is the second largest manufacturer of Televisions and they have projected that their worldwide sales of 3D notebook PCs would increase by five times in 2011 to1.1 million pieces and then to 13.8 million pieces in 2015.

The computer business head of LG Electronics’ mobile communications division, Harrison Park states “With the availability of more 3D content, consumers are enjoying a new experience, and we think that’ll drive growth of the 3D computer market”. It is undeniable that a huge percentage of people have developed an interest in devices and products which are equipped with 3D features, and has been sky-rocketed partially with the release of one of the biggest blockbuster movies of last year Avatar.

The showing of Avatar in theaters towards the end of the year 2009 has solely raised the awareness of people to 3D from 40% to 60% among American consumers. LG announced earlier this week that three of their latest 3D notebook PC models will be sold at approximaetly $1300,which is roughly marked up by 20% when compared to the price of their traditional 2D units.