Importance of Azure to Microsoft

Published reports indicates that IBM is getting closer to making a deal with Microsoft to use its enterprise software on IBM enterprise platform and IBM’s enterprise software and services on Microsoft. Microsoft is also reportedly working with SAP and Oracle for a similar deal. Microsoft’s cloud computing platform is known as Microsoft Azure.

Azure application platform allow developers to build sites, migrate applications and infrastructure without changing codes, cloud services that allow scalable applications and services, data management including SQL databases, media services with content protection and streaming, business analytics that provides SQL reporting and Hadoop, identity including access control services and rights management, messaging that comes with Azure Service Bus, and mobile services. Customers can build, deploy and manage apps on Azure cloud. PaaS (platform-as-a-service) is important for the success of Microsoft, because it is competing against very formidable PaaS as well as IaaS vendors including IBM, Google, and Amazon’s AWS. Traditionally, Microsoft is known for installed software on customer’s machines and Azure is intended to change that image by providing subscription-based cloud services and applications that are housed on Microsoft’s data centers not at customer’s computers. Providing reliable services to enterprises is important for all software vendors in order to compete in ever increasing cloud services.

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