How apps get developed

More than one million apps are available to download on Apple’s App Store and Google. Do you know how they are tested and put on the App Store? Many of the apps developed by app developers do not make it to the App Store and very few are downloaded by customers. This is why companies are field testing and fine tuning their apps before launching.

There are companies such as UserTesting, Cynny, HotNow, WhatsApp and many others that test apps for fee before launching. They can pin point problems as well as user liking aspects of an app. They test multiple versions of an app and a group of evaluators review testing as well as test results. App testing companies hire paid app testers and many use platforms such as Facebook to test new apps before release. HotNow based in Bangkok, Thailand hire models and actresses to roam cafes and other places with new apps to attract attention during testing. App developers spend many days on the field targeting customers and tweaking apps based on their comments. Making apps for mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones are growing exponentially at this time. App makers get paid by each download.

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