DIY: Connect Chromecast to an Ethernet port

10Written by Costbuys

The Google Chromecast is one of the best streaming video devices available on the market today. It is only $35 and has three versions, one for video, one for audio and one for 4k video. It is a wireless device and works very well. There are however situations in which it does get adequate reception or fails to maintain the data rates needed for high bit-rate video streams. There is, however, a DIY method of connecting the Chromecast directly to the wired network by adding an Ethernet port.

 Google actually sells a power adapter with an Ethernet port on its store, but that comes with its own problems. The Ethernet port is at the plug end of the adapter. This is fine if the port is next to the plug. Unfortunately, if the port is on the router then the cable has to run from the power outlet all the way to the router. This is where DIY approach is easier and cheaper (with discount shopping).

Only two relatively cheap items are needed. A USB to Ethernet adaptor and a USB OTG Y Cable. Both of these items are relatively cheap and are easy to find online when web shopping. The Ethernet cable is connecting to the port on the adaptor and the USB end is connected to the Y Cable. The Y-Cable then connects to the Chromecast and the power cord that comes with it.

Now when the Chromecast is running, the Wireless symbol at the bottom left-hand corner only indicates that a network is connected. Now streams will be more stable and start faster.


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