Data encryption at the source makes sense

Recent security breaches at major retailers including Target, Michaels, Neiman Marcus and others reveal that data security at all levels improves the company vulnerability to cyber thefts. Viruses, worms, malware and others attacking systems can happen anywhere, anytime compromising company data with enormous impacts. Whether it is customer data or sensitive company data, protection is needed for all. One of the first lines of defense against attacks is encryption of customer card data at the retailer’s registers as well as computers inside stores. Malware that lift information from cards include “Infostealer” and many others. Data encryption involves de-identification and masking. They are not costly, time consuming or complicated to implement, yet provide more security for customers as well as for the company. Many cyber security experts say that encryption is needed for less secured environments including test facilities, outsourced environments, warehouses and development facilities more than any others.

Card data encryption services are provided by Voltage SecureData and many others. Antivirus software is important for fighting malware and other hackers. Malware is changing rapidly and security experts are constantly updating malware protection software. It is important to implement most up to date security software rather than sticking to out of date versions.

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