Computer Security Awareness in the UK

Computer Security is field that has opportunities for many as a career. A nonprofit group in the United Kingdom called the Cyber Security Challenge was formed with the purpose of raising awareness of just that fact. The CSC has now initiated a program to conduct three specific exercises later this year to cultivate interest in the field of Computer Security.

The first challenge is called Qinetiq Network Defense Competition. This challenge is split into two categories- 17 & 18 year olds and Graduate & Post Graduate students. In each category teams consisting of 3-5 persons can enter. The teams will be provided material which describes a problem that a business could face and they have up to six weeks to provide a solution. The two top teams from each group will go on to Qinetiq’s headquarters and participate in a face-to-face network defense challenge.

The second challenge is called the SANS Institute and Sophos treasure hunt. This challenge focuses on website vulnerabilities. The best six participants will go on to participate in face-to-face challenge created by Sophos.

The third challenge is focused on computer forensics and is called the DC3 Forensics Challenge. Twenty two teams will be allowed to take part in this and each will have to get through 25 challenges.

The best teams/individuals of each challenge will be invited to the Cyber Security U.K. Masterclass which is scheduled to be held in January 2011. There, one person will be crowned the U.K.’s Cyber Security Champion.