Chromebook catching on

In 2013, more than 14.4 million units of PCs and tablets have been sold in the U.S. It shows an increase of 25.4 percent over the previous year. Meanwhile, laptops running on Google Chrome Operating System (OS) now accounts for more than ten percent of all laptops sold in the U.S. compared to negligible amount, just .2 percent of the computer market, the year before. Tablets account for 22 percent of all personal computing devices. What is behind the Chrome OS increase?

Chrome OS is a very big browser and many uses it causing a sales uptick in Chromebook. Some IT departments may prefer Chromebook because of this. There is more room for market penetration for Chromebook. Number of manufacturers including Samsung and Acer are selling laptops that run on Chrome OS. According to data services NPD Group and Amazon, they are in the best-sellers list. Low price and the capability to run basic functions are also attracting many customers. New products such as Chromebook are revitalizing the market weary of Windows. For business users Chrome OS provides much more flexibility than others. Chrome OS is taking away market share from Microsoft and Apple. Microsoft lost 8.8 percent and Apple lost .8 percent of the market share in 2013.

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