China blocks Google

The Google search engine has been completely blocked in the mainland of China on the 26 of July. Only Google’s email platform is operational with its news and imaging functions blocked. China has been known for blocking Google in the past and it comes as no surprise this time. There is no confirmation as to whether this outage is due to a government directive or as a result of some form of service disruption.

This block comes weeks after the search engine giant came to an agreement with the Chinese government to continue usage of the search engine in China instead of having Chinese users redirected to its unlimited Hong Kong site.

Google threatened to leave China altogether in January over concerns of cyber hacking. But the Chinese government renewed its internet content provider agreement with Google with the contract running through to 2012. But there seems to have been a breach of this agreement last night with users being automatically routed to Google’s Hong Kong site.

Though the latest development will be worrying to Google, it will not have a major impact on the revenue of Google. The contribution to its last year’s annual revenue of $24 billion was only $300 million.

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