Background process can make your computer run slow

Article written by Best Businesses

One reason why your computer is running slow may be due to background programs. It is an active program that is being processed in your computer without being visible to you. Typical background processers include logging, system monitoring, scheduling, and user notification. Also, if you have anti-virus software running behind the scene, it contributes to the slow reaction of your computer. When this happen they take memory and CPU capacity making your intended task runs slow. Daemon is one good example of a background process that runs continuously waiting for something to occur. Even though it takes up minimal resources and performs tasks without any input, it still can contribute to the slow reaction of your computer.

By opening the Task Manager you can see what background programs are running behind scene and how much space they are taking. For Windows 7 or higher users, this can be seen by performing Resmon. It is short for Resource Monitor that is introduced with Windows 7 and allows the user to see all resource information similar to Task Manager. You can access this information by opening Task Manager, Performance and clicking on either Resource Monitor button or Open Resource Monitor link. Either allow the background scan to proceed before asking it to perform another task or disable it.